Following a Dragon's Clues, We Arrived at this Mysterious Island
An uninhabited isle somewhere in the seas of Reveria.
On this island lies a mystery that no one has been able to solve.
A gaping hole, a dragon made of bone,
and a girl's message that begs you to save the world.
This is your story, a thousand years in the making.

Journey between two time periods and uncover a new truth!
Create Your Own Unique Avatar
Adjust your face, your hair, and so much more, however you wish!
Create another identity and depart for Reveria!
Numerous Lives to Make Yours Brighter
The different lives in Fantasy Life function a little like different jobs.
Each has its own characteristics and provides various ways to enjoy yourself.
Shape the island! Create your town!
Gather resources one thousand years in the past to restore the island in its present.
Create a unique island just for you!
  • Housing
    Change up your furniture for a breath of fresh air!
  • Town Planning
    Build the town however you want!
  • Island Restoration
    Adjust the terrain to your liking!
Spread the Fun! Multiplayer
Supports up to 4 players online/locally.
Invite friends to your meticulously crafted island, embark on resource-gathering quests together, the ways to play are endless!
The island's Secrets
Travelling 1000 years in the past, mysterious objects called "Strangelings" can be found on the island.
They appear possessed by the spirits of the departed,but could they have once been people...?
It's up to you to find a way to save them!

Adventure and live at a free and relaxed pace.

It's up to you to choose what kind of life you'll live!

Great danger and exhilarating thrills
await you on this adventure to solve
the mysteries of the island.

Why not start a new Life?